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FAQs - Tanned By Krista Ann


Rapid tans are rapid rinsing solutions. You can rinse off a rapid solution in 1-3 hours.

1 hour= light 

2 hours= medium

3 hours= dark

Our traditional tans you can rinse in 12-24 hours. Do not leave your tan on longer than 24 hours. 

Rapid tan can be rinsed off in 1-3 hours. Do not leave your tan on longer than 24 hours. 

1hr= light

2hrs= medium

3hrs= dark

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Let your tan develop for 12-24 hours (traditional spray) or 1-3 hours if you purchased a rapid solution.

During your first shower and all showers after, while you have your tan, blot yourself dry. Rubbing harshly will shed your spray off faster.

Moisturize A LOT! At least twice a day. Drink lots of water.

Remember to tell your spouse their hands can get dark (develop) if they touch your skin before your first shower.

Also remember the palms of your hands can darken (develop) if you touch your own skin before your first shower (hands on hips, touching face, and crossing/rubbing your arms with your hands.)

For your first rinse: 

Try not to use soap or wash your hair. Just get in the shower to rinse off your bronzer with warm water scrubbing your skin hard with your hands. No loofas or washcloths for the entire life of your tan. Soap and hair washing can be resumed after the first rinse.

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