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Can I get my nails done? - Tanned By Krista Ann

Can I get my nails done?

Categories: First Time Client Common Questions, Prep

Before: If you get a full pedicure or manicure make sure the heavy lotion they put on is off the legs or hands before you visit us. Either by scheduling your pedicure/nail appt several days before your spray appointment or manually scrubbing off that heavy lotion they put on them.

After: I don’t recommend getting a full pedicure after your spray tan as the exfoliant they use on the legs will rub off your tan, but you can still obviously have them just paint the toes & not rub your legs. As for nails they can be painted, get a full set, etc after your spray, but acetone and hand washing will wear the tan as well. Although, the hands and face fade quickly regardless, because they are washed excessively.

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